Strategic Foresight Software for Teams

Help your organization analyze your competitive environment to identify and seize future opportunities.

Strategic Foresight Software

The world’s economy is changing fast – all companies are impacted by industry shifts driven by new technology, changing demands of customers, and a range of new trends in business environments.

To navigate these business challenges and create real value for your customers, it is critical that you anticipate and prepare for these shifts so that you can quickly seize opportunities and mitigate risks.

Integrating strategic foresight practices, supported by the right software solutions, is one of the best ways your company can prepare to compete in the changing world economy.

Projectr is a foresight tool built to help your team build its own internal view of the future and decide how to best deal with it. With Projectr, you can:


Invite colleagues and assign to teams


Collaboratively identify challenges


Collect and share research


Select and apply analytic techniques as a team

Your Foresight Challenge

White boards provide great flexibility for foresight projects, but lack the documentation capabilities needed for translating your insights into actions.

Most software solutions provide marginal value for strategic foresight efforts. Project management software can help manage schedules, but falls short on foresight-specific tasks.

You can cobble together a few disparate software tools for supporting your foresight project, but this will fail to provide an integrated experience for your team.

Projectr provides you the flexibility to run multiple projects with software-based tools and techniques tailored for foresight efforts.

Projectr is for…

Innovation Management

Help your company build a system for “futures intelligence” and collect signals to help identify new and emerging opportunities and drive the internal changes needed to seize them.

Strategic Planning

Integrate foresight activities into your strategy process to help your decision makers build a better understanding of what options are available to them and build a shared vision of what is possible.

Risk Management

Help help orient your organization on the future and ingrain it into your business practices. Collaboratively research and develop shared understandings of multiple possible futures to shape and act within. 

Shaping Preferable Futures

Use our foresight platform to help with horizon scanning to detect weak signals, explore trends,  and identify your points of leverage to act and shape outcomes.

Leverage the skills and experience of your business team

External experts might provide you some perspectives on how technology is shaping your industry, but lack the experience of your own people when it comes figuring out how to put insights into practice. Your own team members are the ones that must determine how to deliver better value to your existing customers, find customers in new markets, and build a better solution for their problems.

Use Projectr to empower your own project – from start to finish. Keep your team up to date on your foresight work and its latest developments as you collaboratively build your organization’s future.

Projectr is…


Conduct virtual team-based analysis of your strategic challenges. Assign teams to develop independent perspectives on the same challenge, or analyze different challenges simultaneously.



Decide what tools and techniques to leverage in your analysis efforts. Use any combination of brainstorming, trend analysis, alternative futures, or others, to identify risks and opportunities for your organization.

Future Oriented

Help help orient your organization on the future and ingrain it into your business practices. Collaboratively research and develop shared understandings of multiple possible futures to shape and act within. 

Research Driven

Collect research into a central team repository and attach to challenges or trends, and tag items as needed. Use our Chrome Extension to simplify and speed the process.

Software Solutions for your Foresight Projects

Our foresight software is built to be used by a range of companies, non-governmental organizations, and government agencies. Its central value is derived from the ease in which you can collaboratively create a foresight project and iterate on its development.

Other software solutions fall short on providing the key capabilities needed for foresight applications. Our software is tailored specifically to deliver this to you.

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