This is an overview of how Projectr can help in your next strategic foresight effort. It is designed to help you identify future opportunities and risks as a team – then put those insights to work.

Invite your colleagues.

While Projectr can function as an individual tool, it is designed for collaborative efforts. Send email-based invites and organize your effort into as many teams as you need.

Collaboratively identify challenges.

Admin users create templates that guide the inputs of other participants as they identify challenges – the starting point of this process. A challenge can be as simple as a question, or as complex as a complete organizational strategy that needs to be assessed. Participants can create their proposed challenges, attach files, and share associated research.

Focus your efforts.

Have your participants vote on your assembled challenges using one of four voting methods. Select as many challenges as you’d like for advancing through the foresight process. You can assign specific teams to different challenges, tackle the same one independently, or have all participants focus on a single, high-priority challenge.

Collect research with a Chrome Extension.

Relevant documents and websites for these efforts are always difficult to organize. Projectr allows you to attach each research item you deem important to a specific challenge or trend. Use an optional Chrome plugin to grab website information and attach your research as needed. A tagging system allows you to filter through lists at the individual, team, or challenge level.

Select and apply Analytic Techniques.

Projectr provides you use of the most common techniques in strategic foresight, with more on the way. Each one uses the challenge as a starting point and provides you the ability to establish guidelines for participant input in each technique, including deadlines, character counts, creation limits, administrative guidance and others.

Get In Touch!

We’re currently in beta. If you’d like to help test out this platform, please jump over to our sign up form here.

In general, we’re looking for people involved in strategic foresight projects that will use the app for at least 6 weeks. We’d like you to invite at least 3 colleagues (up to 10, but we can bump that up in special cases) and be willing to answer a few short surveys about how to improve the platform as well as point out any bugs.

Hope to include you on the testing, if you’re willing! If you have other questions, please reach out using the form below.